6 Decor Hacks for Twenty-Somethings

6 Decor Hacks for Twenty-Somethings
June 9, 2016 5:30 pm Published by

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a trendsetter, then why not give your home a makeover with these easy going decor hacks?

For teens who are looking for ways to keep their home stylish, but don’t want to blow their budget on a brand new, intensive project each week — these home decor hacks are fun ways to add something unique, useful, and fun to your home, in a budget-friendly way!


1. Mudroom Organizer

Organize your entryway with a brightly colored dresser. Adding chalkboard paint to the centre of each drawer front serves as a name plate. This gives each family member a designated place to stack away their footwear.



2. DIY Basket Wall Art

Did you ever use those woven rattan paper plate holders back in the day? I bet your mom still has a stack in the back of a kitchen cabinet. The plates can be turned to wall art, adding a nice touch of color and texture to a previously boring corner of your family room




3. DIY End Table Storage Cube

This cool end-table was once a sadly forlorn thrifted storage cube. It was dressed up with chalky paint and accented with glued-on unfinished wood circles. Now its fun look would bring a smile to anyone’s face!



4. Hang Buckets For Extra Storage

Buy a couple of buckets, tie them together with a string and hang them on a hook from your wall, for the perfect spot to store your dinky beauty products.



5. Keep Your Snacks Tidy… And Handy

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer as a snack holder instead. Buy one that’s clear so you can easily see what yummy treats you have at hand.




6. Makeshift Bedside Table

Try a console table at the foot of your bed. Chances are there’s not much room to move around there anyway, so why not fill it with furniture to store your belongings instead.


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