8 things To Have In Your Home In Your 30s

8 things To Have In Your Home In Your 30s
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We all have goals in mind; goals for that dream job, for your lovely family and for the perfect home. And when we are past our twenties, the leap towards thirties brings with itself the need to settle, to maintain a social status, and have some swank things at home.

So, let’s take a look at a 10 essentials to have in your home that will make you a proud home owner, and certainly get some guests green with envy!

1. Chinaware

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Nothing spells classy like Chinaware. For starters, they look amazing and feel great to have a meal in. And if you don’t have kids or pets in the house, then it is the perfect reason to switch from plastic or steel and plate-up a meal in.

2. Dine In Style

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Thirty is just about the right time to stop eating on the couch and move to a dining table. Pick one that accommodates at least 4 people and compliments your décor. If your home has a warm theme, look for something wooden, or a metallic one for that modern and edgy home.

3. Get A Little Artsy

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Have a quote you love or a design you can’t take your eyes off? Then print it out and frame it on your wall. Nothing defines a classy home better than a beautiful piece of art. Just make sure it goes with the décor of your room.

4. Book Shelf

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You’ve probably read a lot of books by the time you’re 30, so might as well put them up on display in a cool fashion. Rather than stacking them up in a corner, place them in a classy bookshelf. While doing so, pick a design that is off-beat, to give it a radical look.

5. Magnets From Your Travel

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If you travel abroad for vacations or meetings often, make sure to pick up magnet souvenirs. The reasons — colourful magnets will make your fridge look really cool, and also be reminiscent of the places you’ve settled to. A cool way to brag about the wanderer in you.

6. A Centrepiece

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A centrepiece truly defines the overall theme you’ve set for your home. It could be anything from a classy coffee table to a beautiful chandelier. Either way, the mere presence of a centrepiece is a sign of a well-planned home, something that is much-needed for a classy home!

7. A Great Bed


Whether you live alone or with your better half, a great bed is a must-have. It should feel like sitting on a cloud, and offer comfort when you are curled up reading a book, or just watching your favourite show on TV.

8. Mini Wine Cellar

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There comes a time in life where you stop guzzling beer and start sipping wine. That time is most likely around the time you hit 30. So to host all those fine dinners at home with your buddies, make sure you have a mini wine cellar at home to stock all your favourite whites and reds.


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