Buying a Dining Table? Not Before You Read This!

Buying a Dining Table? Not Before You Read This!
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The dining table is where moments are reminisced, stories are told and the family is whole after a long day away. But if your home and family is missing that, (not the togetherness, but a table) chances are, you’ll want to make one the centrepiece of your home soon. So if you plan on making space for a family hotspot in your humble abode, do so only after giving a good read to some thoughtful ideas from our furniture experts.

1. Space Savvy

Space savy

Before you head out table hunting, remember, you need to keep in mind how much space you want the table to occupy. The table should be big enough for your family while not taking too much of room. Else, you’ll end up falling short of room to move around. Check out our Crescent Dining Table for reference!

2. What’s In A Shape?

Headan Shape

Our Mini Dining Set is as simple as settling on a shape that compliments the shape of your room. The common shapes are squares and rectangles, however if you have a lot of space in your room, you could go for a round one. Rest assured, just try to keep it simple.

3. The Bottom-Line

Jack bottom

Wood is good, glass is class and marble is downright majestic. Go for wood if you have a warm theme, plastics or metals for a modern and edgy look or a marble-top for the regal look. Be warned, each of them have drawbacks and benefits, so keep those in mind before settling. Our Jack Dining Set is a perfect example!

4. Seat Smart

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.53.07 pm

If space is an issue, use a bench for seating, one that goes right under the table when you’re done with it. It looks chic, and gives a welcome break from the monotony!

5. Colours That Stun

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.53.25 pm

If you have settled on a wooden table, chances are you brought it in for the rugged look, so painting it doesn’t make much sense. However, for the rest of the choices, make sure you pick a colour that matches the theme of your home. Metallic colours go well with a contemporary theme while plastics can be paired with pop colours. If all else fails, black is the safest bet; it does not only look simple but also goes with any theme.

6. A Design That Defines You

royale_sm design

Your home décor speaks a lot of the person you are, and so will your dining table. If you’re an adventurous, free and fun loving person, get one that looks more like a picnic table. If you like everything sophisticated and classy, go for a table with designs and patterns on it that bring in that regal look. Either way, choose well and shine through your choices. Something like our Crescent Dining Set for reference?

You are now completely equipped with all the necessary tips to pick out a fantastic dining table. So head out there and grab one that will leave your guests’ drooling more on the table than the meal!



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