Create Some Drama In The Nooks!

Create Some Drama In The Nooks!
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Every house has some awkward spaces that can be a little tricky to decorate. Maybe, there’s a gawking corner near your living room sofa, a space near the entryway waiting to be filled, a charming but empty space under the stairways. But worry not, because we’ve got you some inspiration to make these spaces look good! :)

drama nook 1


Rhine Recliner

Recline and Relax

Fill up an odd corner in the living room with a recliner. Add some fun things like pop-coloured accessories, a large art frame, flowers and a cup of coffee to go with some books. You can also cover the floor with a small patterned rug, thus giving the nook, a very cosy look, just the place where you can tuck in after a long day!

drama nook 2


Avana Chest of Drawers

Draw everyone to the corner

Corners can be made fun and organized by placing a chest of drawers! It’s the easiest way to bring in both: decluttered space and chic decoration. Decorate with a basic flower vase and a picture frame. Your nook is all set to charm!

drama nook 3Urban Sofa

Rest in the lap of luxe

Give a splash of colour to that lonesome corner. Put up a bright coloured single seat sofa, prop it up with small cushions. For that extra cosy feel, use a faux fur rug, light coloured curtains which will let the natural light in J Isn’t this the perfect, ‘your own’ piece of luxe, you can own?

drama nook 4Vida Leather Couch with Splenda Corner Table

Lounge on the couch

A plush leather couch is always a welcoming sight, especially after a long day. The corner table fits the nook proportionally. Spruce up the space with ethnic-themed décor & good lighting. Lounge in peace & this might become the favourite spot for you in the living room!

We’re sure these ideas will inspire you to amp up the nooks and corners in your living room! Send us your ideas and pictures of how you would decorate such spaces in your home.



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