Eight Instagram Photos That Stopped Our Scroll

Eight Instagram Photos That Stopped Our Scroll
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A beautiful home is something everyone dreams of.

As Melissa Michaels once said, “Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment.”

Here we are featuring eight Instagram photos by interior designers that stopped our scroll and we hope these pictures might inspire you to experiment with your home.

1. @houseofbrinson


Your bedroom should be decorated the way that perfectly fits your style. This beautiful room creates the romantic vintage look and looks extra cozy to laze around and read a good book in, all day. The striped chair, the vintage lamps and art adds patina and makes the bedroom feel truly welcome. These vintage pieces and neutral colours gives this room extra character and fits right in with the décor.

2. @bpatrickflynn


This beautiful turquoise blue teamed with white gives this room a perfect vibe! It is extremely eye-catching and a beautiful bed to laze around and read your morning paper in. We love how attractive the lighting is in this room as it sets the mood for relaxation. The chandelier romanticizes the space and adds a sophisticated elegance. It balances out with the nail head décor which gives the bedroom a bold and a modern look.

3. @kellywearstler


Kelly Wearstler is an extremely reputed interior designer and this is how her living room of her Malibu residence looks like! The elegant chaise lounges instantly elevates the style of the room which has been decorated beautifully and is super chic. The interiors of this room boasts of a unique aesthetic and approach to design which makes Kelly Wearstler attract an enviable client base which are mostly celebrities and tastemakers from all over the globe.

4. @amberinteriors


This beautiful living room decorated by Amber Lewis is extremely modern and refreshing. The extra cushions make this room look comfortable. The room is wonderfully lit and boasts of earthy textures, colourful textiles and natural elements. Lounging in this room with a good book after a hard day of work or hanging out with friends sounds like a real treat!

5. @jennykomenda


Making your morning breakfast and coffee in this kitchen sounds heavenly! The beautiful green adds colour to the kitchen while the carpet creates an interesting contrast. This kitchen is neat and simple yet the dash of colours make it look really fascinating. This kitchen designed by Jenny Komenda is seasoned with love, spice and everything nice!

6. @mrorlandosoria


This picture features a beautiful living room with a fireplace that would make anyone jealous! The green ottoman and the blue sofa give this room the right amount of character. Orlando Soria is a big fan of greenery and wooden accents and feels that “Nature is the best designer”. He boasts of a large client base and is famous for making his designs feel less like a house, but more like home.

7. @benjaminvandiver


Benjamin Vandiver is a young in-demand, interior designer who is famous for his versatile, well-layered and refreshing style. The interiors of this office are extremely unique and modern. The wooden table and fancy wooden chair bring colour to the place. The beautiful blue of the carpet and cushions make the office look comfortable. With beautiful interiors like this, who would ever wish to go back home?

8. @leannefordinteriors


This beautiful light fixture in this kitchen took our breath away. From the simple dough bowl to the counter stools are uniquely designed. The wooden ceiling is extremely eye-catching and along with the wooden kitchen table and cabinets give this kitchen very earthy interiors and are extremely appealing. This kitchen gives a very natural vibe and seems perfect to eat your meals in or even host a sit-down dinner party.


These were the 8 Instagram pictures that stopped our scroll featuring designs by eminent interior designers. We hope some of these Instagram pictures inspired you to try something different with your home!

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