Maximalism: More is just enough!

Maximalism: More is just enough!
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We’ve always heard that ‘Less is more’, when it comes to designing and decorating your home. Up until now, it was always considered to play safe while doing up your home. But in 2017, design is giving way to maximalism – a riot of colors and patterns. And we’re here to walk you through the art of adopting ‘Maximalism’ in your home décor :)

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Eclectic Charm: It’s all about creating that eye-catchy look, experiment with accent walls, bold artistic pieces & a combination of varied colors and patterns. How do you feel about walls with no space to spare? Go wild with picking up art or portraits that will adorn your walls, giving your abode an artsy touch.

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Color burst: Just using one or two colours in your home décor palette is so out. Use a base color for your interiors and pair it up with patterns and designs of that color. Have fun with combining a stunning palette to lend your space an appealing color scheme.

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Show your collection: Display all your treasured collections be it vintage vases, wicker objects, books or even lanterns! An array of lanterns will look enigmatic over a single pendant light, any day!

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Roll out the carpets: Varicolored carpets put together tend to create an unexpected mix of elegant and attractive patterns in your interiors. Use small carpets as wall hanging or as upgraded pillow covers.

So, if you love playing with colors, patterns, textures and scale, maximalism is the décor theme, you should explore! Look around for inspiration to maximize your home space and bring out all those knick-knacks and curios that you have collected from your travels and put them on maximalism display!


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