Summer Alert: How to create light and airy rooms!

Summer Alert: How to create light and airy rooms!
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The weather is changing and it’s time to embrace lighter color palettes! The scorching summer heat calls for a home that has cool and lighter wall colors, comfortable furniture and classy interiors. With a few simple tips, we can help you decorate your abode for these transitional months to give an inviting and alluring look to your home.


Letting in sunshine: Give your room a breather by letting in some natural light. Try to go minimalistic on curtains and flaunt the view from your window. Instead of heavy dark colors, experiment with light hues of furniture that will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere indoors. Don’t forget to accessorize your room with plants that bring the freshness and accentuate your living space.


Simply Sofa: We all love to lounge on the sofa and especially with the heat outside, it is all that we want! We suggest light, pastel shades of sofa for your living room– they feel light and look classy. If you think pastels can get monotonous, accentuate it with an assortment of colorful cushions. Occasionally, you can also use quirky sofa covers to add a distinct look to your home décor.


Declutter your mess: Clutter can make you feel claustrophobic and give a feeling of lack of space! What makes a kitchen great is not how large or small it is, but how you organize it. For a spaced out, organized look, make optimum use of open shelves in your kitchen. The neatly organized shelves look clean and fresh as well.


White is right: White is a classic color that evokes serenity and sophistication. Summer is a perfect time to adapt various shades of this color. Try combining floral white, ivory, linen, beige, vanilla and champagne hues in your home décor for a tranquil feel.

These are some of the ways in which you can make your home, a place of haven and relax and rejuvenate in peace :)

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