Sustainable Décor Ideas

Sustainable Décor Ideas
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It’s environment-friendly, good, advocated by the government, and it also is the latest fad! Sustainable décor is “it thing” to do, also when it comes to doing up your homes. But if you really want to make a difference, while also following the most popular décor trend, this article is for you!

Here are a few ideas, through which you can do your bit for a sustainable and Eco-friendly home:

1) Spruce up old wooden furniture


An old wooden chair receives a twist

2) Give life to your old sheets

Reuse all those old vintage bedsheets. Get creative with it! Turn them into pretty curtains, aprons, napkins or even a summer dress, if you like! Of course, you can always use them as cleaning wipes too.



              Patch-work bedsheet curtains!


                                                                                                   Bedsheet Summer Dress


3) Make your own Mason Jars!

Jars and bottles of jams/sauces, etc. can be turned into decorative Mason Jars! Wash them thoroughly, and paint their lids or the bottle itself! Use them to store food items or spoons & forks or as decorative pieces that brighten up a room.


  mason-jar_blog Storage Mason Jars!


Sparkly Decorative Mason Jars

4) Make your own cleaning products

Commercial cleaning products have harmful chemicals and toxic fumes and can be very expensive. Make your own alternative at home with this simple tip: Mix vinegar, lemon-juice and water, and store it in a spray bottle. This serves as a great all-purpose cleaner!



DIY Product Cleaner

5) Use ecological furniture

If everyone starts caring for the planet we are in for a better future! Buy furniture that is made from recycled or natural material and do your bit! Check out our Eco-friendly products and help save the world!



Green assurance Office Chair

Bring about these changes yourself, for “You must be the change that you wish to see in this world!”

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